IT Consulting


The Hive has developed a Business Unit dedicated to Euro-planning, gaining experience in the conception, management and implementation of community projects and providing technical assistance in the elaboration and reporting of the same.

The activity includes Project Design, Proposal Management and Project Management, starting from the construction of the partnership according to the parameters of the geographical balance and the skills necessary for the realization of the project, the development of the project idea starting from the needs and requirements emerged from the discussion with the customer or with the company of the group that will participate as partner or leader, the definition of the project budget, up to the management of the intervention in case of financing.

The Hive's approach in the European planning activity is to create virtuous synergies at a European level by concentrating the design on themes recognized as strategic for the incubator, for its startups and for the companies of the Sida group.

Open projects

GAMEST GAMification tEchniqueS for entrepreneurial vet Teachers
MARHER Heritage Marketing for competitiveness of Europe in the global market
TRANSITION fosTeR blockchAiN acquiSITIon fOr eNtrepreneurs
RESONANT Cultural entrepreneurship for neets and start-ups

Closed projects

ESSENCE - Enhance Skills in StartUps for wastE iN Circular Economy
SUCCEED - StimUlate finanCial eduCation to foster EntrEpreneurship and Development
Engaging - Gamification as Applied Growth-Hacking and Incubating method for improving New Ground-Bas
ENFOrCES - EmpoweriNg FOod Circular Economy in Startups
T4 - Transnational Technology Transfer Training: Training Blueprints for Accelerated Growth